Second Session of Tissue Banks Neurological and Mental Health

Social Center Auditorium Sanitari Parc Sant Joan de Deu (Dr.Antoni Pujadas, 42. Sant Boi de Llobregat)

Neurological Tissue Bank (TNB), born in 2004 in the research project funded by the TV3 Marathon Foundation, works daily to achieve concrete and reliable samples to enable the scientific community to develop research projects, thus deepening the understanding and treatment of pathologies in Mental Health.

The session explaining the results obtained after using different researchers assigned Porel samples Tissue Bank, and know the latest techniques used in the treatment of samples and diagnostic developments in neuropathology.

The session will be structured in a keynote address and two round tables with their discussions. Although registration is free, the capacity of the Auditorium Sanitari Parc Sant Joan de Deu is limited.

For more information, please consult the attachment with the program of the Second Conference of Neurological Tissue Bank and Mental Health.

Since 2004, the BTN, yields more than 500 brain samples free of charge to international researchers both Barcelona and Valencia, Madrid, Germany and the United States to investigate, mainly schizophrenia.

Currently, the BTN is funded, in support of the Parc Sant Joan de Deu Sanitari and the Fundació Sant Joan de Deu, of CIBERSAM (Center for Biomedical Research Network on Mental Health), RETICS (Cooperative Research Thematic Network Health) and Farmaindustria -Department of Health (Project "nervous Tissue Bank of Catalunya").