Dra. Merce Pineda, will participate in a program on TVE 2, talking about the minoritary diseases and the mucopolysaccharidosis

21:30h a TVE 2, Redes program, chap. 107: Gens instead of drugs

There are some rare diseases that affect a very small percentage of the population and still have no cure. Gene therapy is the great promise in combating many of these diseases. And in San Juan de Dios Foundation is investigated to combat.

In this chapter of Redes, the Dra.Mercè Pineda, neurologist at the hospital Sant Joan de Deu de Barcelona, ​​and researcher at the Neuronal Development and Metabolic Diseases Research Group of the Foundation, will speak mostly of mucopolysaccharidosis speaking, what is expert.

Eduardo Punset interview with Fatima Bosch, gene therapy expert at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Speakers testimonies of relatives of patients to learn about how to live with these diseases.