IV Jornada Científica del IRSJD

Auditori del PCCB · Hospital Sant Joan de Déu


The Institut de Recerca Sant Joan de Déu is organizing its IV Scientific Conference on May 23rd at the PCCB Auditorium of the SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital.

The IV Scientific Conference will feature the participation of Dr. Montserrat Esquerda (Director of the BInstitut Borja de Bioètica de la Universitat Ramón Llull and IRSJD Ombudsperson) who will moderate the inaugural round table "Scientific Integrity".

During the Conference, intramural and external collaboration projects will be presented (Elevator Pitch 5'), as well as the three Catalan innovation networks led by members of the Institute and some of the thesis (6 proposals will be selected and recorded) being developed within the framework of the IRSJD.

The conference program will be published soon.

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Attendance at the conference requires prior registration due to capacity and logistical issues.

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