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Liquid Hospital 4.0: Expert digital system for comprehensive and personalized care of pediatric patients

SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital leads this project that aims to advance in the organizational and healthcare change of the Hospital towards a more proactive, collaborative and personalized medicine, used as a lever of TIC changes.

The project aims to increase the scientific evidence of the efficiency and effectiveness of digital technologies as key in the provision of health services.

This project "Liquid Hospital 4.0 (HL4.0)" is divided into 2 great work objectives:

  • Identify and aggregate all health data generated

    inside and outside the Hospital (both those already existing in the HCE: clinical, genomic, biomedical images or other hospital systems, as well as those generated by the patient himself through online health communities, mHealth, etc.) and exploit them with Big Data and analysis systems to support clinical decision-making and research.
  • Ensure

    multichannel in the model of care and service delivery

    , making the transition from a reactive model based on "receiving and managing calls" without information from the interlocutor, to a proactive and informed management model of the health of patients and the population.

Participants entities: Vodafone, ALAMO, i2CAT, HSJD, FSJD
Reference number: COMRDI15-1-0015
Aid granted: 702.310,58 euros
Start date: October 15, 2016

This project has been co-financed by the European Union through the European Fund for Regional Development FEDER with the support of ACCIÓ - Generalitat de Catalunya.