#SeminarIRSJD · Towards personalizing psychological treatment in psychosis: the role of social cognition and metacognition



Seminari exclusiu per personal de la institució. Si desitges obtenir l'enllaç de connexió contacta amb frecerca.comunicacio(ELIMINAR)@sjd.es


People with psychosis experience a range of symptoms and impairments that significantly impact their lives and often concur with disability. The best predictors of functional outcome are social cognition and metacognition, which are often impaired in psychosis. Interventions to improve both domains are effective, but this efficacy does not always translate into better functioning. Delivering early, and targeted social cognitive or metacognitive interventions to patients with psychosis could be instrumental in preventing poor functional outcome and preventing relapse, but the grounds on how to personalize these interventions are unknown. Although it has been suggested that the approach should take sex differences, the refining of measurement instruments and the use of sophisticated statistical models, these have not been explored yet. We will present a series of articles that explore whether people with first-epsiode psychosis should receive social cognitive and metacognitive personalized treatment.

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