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Data from the Scientific Report 2021

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  • 321 Clinical Trials
  • 831 Publications
  • 4702 Total Impact Factor


Gene therapy proved against Muscular Distrophy with the ALBA Synchrotron

A study by the Institut de Recerca Sant Joan de Déu, ICFO, CIBERER and the ALBA Synchrotron has helped demonstrate that gene therapy can reverse the effects of the mutation that causes the symptoms of congenital muscular dystrophy in patient cells.

Emotional abuse and stress are risk factors for suicidal behavior in people with first psychotic episodes

Institut de Recerca Sant Joan de Déu study associates stress and emotional abuse in childhood with a greater risk of suicidal behavior in young people with a first psychotic episode.


Judith Armstrong

Group leader · Genomics for the diagnosis of rare diseases

"All the researchers on the team know that families and patients are a key part of our research, and we need to be able to pass on what we do."

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#SeminarIRSJD · Identification of gene signatures and potential therapeutic targets for acquired chemotherapy resistance in neuroblastoma

Speaker: Dra. Marta García

Auditori J. Plaza · Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona


#NeuroConCiencia · Mimicking the Central Nervous System microenvironments to refine human stem cell-based neurological models

Speaker: Dr. Alberto Ortega, Universitat de Barcelona.