Highlighted activities

IV Jornada Científica del IRSJD

During the Conference, intramural and external collaboration projects will be presented, as well as the three Catalan innovation networks led by members of the Institute and some of the thesis being developed within the framework of the IRSJD.

Auditori del PCCB · Hospital Sant Joan de Déu


#NeuroConCiencia| Biophysical modelling of non-invasive neuroscience

Speakers: Marc Schwartz Pallejà, PhD Student



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  1. 7a Jornada del Ciclo de Encuentros en los Laboratorios del CREB

    Sala d'actes - Facultat d'Informàtica de Barcelona (FIB) / Edifici B6 del Campus Nord C/Jordi Girona,1-3. Barcelona

  2. 3rd MetNet International Annual Meeting 2017 - Cellular organelle dysfunction at the origin of metabolic diseases

    Sala Prat de la Riba, Institut d'Estudis Catalans. Carrer del Carme, 47 | Barcelona

  3. “Neuroblastoma whole genome methylation analysis.”

    Auditori Dr. J. Plaza

  4. Seminari "Tipologies i costos de la contenció en psiquiatria"

    A càrrec del Dr. Serrano

    Unitat Formació

  5. Next Generation Sequencing: An introduction to Illumina technology and clinical applications


    Sr. Toni Lluch, Territory Account Manager Spain East, Illumina

    Sra. Ester Castillo, Field Application scientist, Illumina

    Auditori Dr. J. Plaza

  6. Cancelled European Mental Health Conference

    World Trade Centre (Barcelona)

  7. Research seminar: introduction to epigenetics: implications in biology and medicine

  8. V Course of ongoing socio-economic and political assessment

    Centro Sociosanitario y Healthcare and Residential Center Catalunya Caixa Vall d'Hebron (Barcelona) and World Trade Center (Barcelona)

  9. Dra. Merce Pineda, will participate in a program on TVE 2, talking about the minoritary diseases and the mucopolysaccharidosis

    21:30h a TVE 2, Redes program, chap. 107: Gens instead of drugs