Training Program

The priority objective of the Training Program is to improve the qualifications and professional skills necessary to carry out the work and, in the case of the research staff, to carry out translational and excellent research in the lines of research prioritized by the IRSJD, and in Innovation.

We are committed to talent and the development of human capital, and, with this objective, the 2019-2022 strategic plan includes different work lines aimed at reinforcing staff training.

Who is it for?

The training plan considers the training and young researcher hired by the FSJD (or Cyber) as the primary recipients, and the staff that makes up the Research Institute: training staff, technical support staff, post-doctoral staff and senior both own and attached. This training program is also aimed at the Management Staff and the staff of the FSJD Clinical Trials Unit.

On the other hand, this program will also be open to the different hospitals of the Order of St.John of God personnel who wish to focus on research.