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  1. Pint of Science |Entendiendo el cerebro en desarrollo: del embarazo a los primeros meses de vida

    La Iguana, Carrer de Rosés, 46 08028, Barcelona


  2. Defensa tesi doctoral: Montserrat Mesegué Medà

    "Estudi de factors clínics i biològics associats a toxicitat en el tractament de la leucèmia limfoblàstica aguda pediàtrica"

    Auditori Plaza, Hospital Sant Joan de Déu · Online


  3. #MondaYmaging: seminari d'imatge mèdica | Evaluation of deep learning (DL) algorithms using visual explanation techniques to classify brain Arteriovenous Malformations (AVM) in Arterial Spin Labeling sequences (ASL)

    Speakers: Júlia Romagosa Pérez

    Using a database of ASL images of pediatric patients provided by Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona, ​​an explainable Deep Learning model is developed to detect the presence of AVM in ASL.



  4. Breakfast & Learn | Tecnology and mental health in rural areas

    Success stories of people-centred innovative solutions in mental health developed in rural areas.

    Delivered by: CTIC Technological Centre.


    09:00 h

  5. Defensa tesi doctoral: Èlia Vila Andreu

    "Altered molecular pathways in schizophrenia: modulation by therapeutic strategies"

    Aula 14, Dolors Aleu i Riera, Campus Clínic


  6. Developing Therapies for Congenital Muscular Dystrophies

    Developing Therapies for Congenital Muscular Dystrophies: Gene Editing of Dominant Mutations in Collagen VI Genes Restores the Extracellular Matrix in Patient Cells. Speaker: Dra Cecilia Jiménez-Mallabrera.



  7. #ViernesCientíficos · Development of metrics and indicators for children's nursing

    Seminario a cargo de Maria Brenner, Doctora en Enfermería y Maribel Ferrer, Enfermera especialista en pediatría.



  8. Barcelona Medical Photonics Network

    Microcirculation in health and disease: Upcoming Annual Meeting of the Barcelona Medical Photonics Network

    Hospital Universitari Parc Taulí

    9:30 h a 16 h

  9. #MondaYmaging: seminari d'imatge mèdica | Assessment of physiological bone resorption of secondary alveolar bone graft by low-dose CT in patients with unilateral cleft lip and palate

    Speakers: Marta Gómez Chiari and Martí Engli Rueda

    Cleft lip and palate is the most frequent congenital craniofacial malformation (1:700 RN), and it is accompanied by other congenital deformities such as dental anomalies, facial hypoplasias and functional alterations, making its treatment complex and multitemporal. A fundamental part of the treatment is the alveolar graft for the reconstruction of the maxillary defect, providing continuity in the arch and supporting the nose.