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IV Jornada Científica del IRSJD

During the Conference, intramural and external collaboration projects will be presented, as well as the three Catalan innovation networks led by members of the Institute and some of the thesis being developed within the framework of the IRSJD.

Auditori del PCCB · Hospital Sant Joan de Déu


#NeuroConCiencia| Biophysical modelling of non-invasive neuroscience

Speakers: Marc Schwartz Pallejà, PhD Student



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  1. Breakfast & Learn | Practical communication tools for transfer

    Discover the window of oportunities and some keys to use communication in research and transfer. Session delivered by Ubik Media.


    09:00 h

  2. #ViernesCientíficos · Juegos y gamificación en la docencia y la educación para la salud

    Seminario a cargo de José Luis Gómez Urquiza. Doctor en Enfermería. Profesor titular del departamento de Enfermería de la Universidad de Granada (Campus Ceuta). 



  3. #MondaYmaging: seminari d'imatge mèdica | The impact of breastfeeding duration on gray matter volume: an example of very large sample size neuroimaging

    Speakers: Dr. Christian Stephan-Otto

    Presentation of recent results from the study of a very large neuroimaging sample (the ABCD cohort) that provide interesting insights on how breastfeeding duration may benefit the brain at later stages in life.



  4. #NeuroConCiencia

    Speakers: Xavier Altafaj Tardío, Profesor agregado de Fisiología, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Barcelona. 



  5. Defensa tesi doctoral: Charlotte Juton

    "Child behavior, feeding practices and health in the context of obesity"

    Auditori Plaza (Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona) and online


  6. IV European Meeting on Women's Mental Health, Psychosis and Gender

    From to

    IV European Meeting on Women's Mental Health, Psychosis and Gender, organised by the Catalan Research Workgroup on Women's Mental Health

    Auditorium Hospital Sant Pau

    08:30 h - 17:15 h

  7. Breakfast & Learn | Gender, Research and Transfer

    Ways-to-do, tools and success stories to include the gender perspective in research and transfer. In charge of AQuAS.


    09:00 h

  8. i4Kids: Training Capsule · Pacto de Socios: Teoría vs Realidad

    Would you know how to anticipate or manage possible conflicts that may appear between the partners of your company?

    Speakers: Maria Bou and Alejandro Griffiths


    14h - 14:50h

  9. #NeuroConCiencia

    Speakers: Cristina Fillat, IDIBAPS