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Research Promotion and Management

The mission of the Research Promotion and Management area (PGI, from its acronym in Catalan) is to help to raise more funds, in a professional way, for the development of research and innovation projects. To do this, we try to identify available funding opportunities, accompany the application process and ensure the correct execution of projects with a high level of quality and good practices that ensure compliance with the regulations of the funding institutions by responding at the same time to the needs of the research groups.

We accompany the researcher in the management of their research and we also carry out other activities related to the visibility and positioning of the entity.

The FSJD Management Model is a person-centered model. That is why each research group has an assigned manager who is in charge of all aspects related to the promotion, application and management of their projects, with a global perspective in relation to the needs of the research group. In addition, to support the internationalization of groups, we have managers who specifically support the application and financial management of such projects.

The PGI Area has a coordinator, an administrative support person, 4 managers of research groups and 2 managers specialized in the international field. In addition, this area also includes the Methodology and Statistics Unit, formed by a statistician who provides methodological and statistical support to the proposals in application and to the projects in execution.

Research group managers each support the entire project lifecycle, whether they are sources of competitive and non-competitive national funding for their research group portfolio. In addition, they are responsible for planning and managing the available resources of each group.

The team of managers specialized in the international field is formed by a manager exclusively dedicated to the promotion and management of applications and a manager exclusively dedicated to the execution phase.


The managers of the Research Promotion and Management Area, both nationally and internationally, have among their main tasks:

Promotion phase and application for proposals

  • Identify, analyze and disseminate the main lines of financing;
  • Advise researchers on the fit and funding possibilities in relation to the identified calls and carry out the management related to the project application;
  • Support the preparation and drafting of proposals (definition of objectives, coordination with partners, budget, advice on the implementation and impact of the project, among others)
  • Mediate with funding institutions;
  • Liaison among stakeholders such as researchers, doctors, administrators, pharmaceutical industry, dissemination and communication experts, ethics committees, among others;
  • Identification of networks, actions and initiatives of interest;
  • Carry out informative and training seminars on financing and project management opportunities;
  • Institutional representation.

Project management phase granted

  • Monitor and financial justification of projects;
  • Be responsible for the timely delivery of documentation required by funding institutions;
  • Dialogue with the principal investigator and the financier of the managed projects;
  • Manage audits of managed projects;
  • Review and negotiate consortium agreements and other types of agreements, especially within the area of ​​international projects;
  • Organize seminars on good practices in scientific and financial management of international projects.

The Research Promotion and Management Area is located in the Edifici Docent de l'Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona, ​​in Esplugues de Llobregat and in the Unitat de Docència, Recerca i Innovació (Udri) of the Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu, in Sant Boi de Llobregat.


  • Roser Arnalte Area Coordinator
  • Jose de Dios Research group manager
  • Maite López Research group manager
  • Ignacio Jiménez Research group manager
  • Luisa Martínez Research group manager
  • Antonia Blanco International project management
  • Leonor Norton International project management
  • Aurélie Uchard International project management
  • Sol Bacells Methodology and Statistic
  • Jessica Laragnou Secretary Area


Research Promotion and Management

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